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2019 Fall Ball

8U Fall Ball Team 1
Head coaches:

Amanda Albert & Kayla Seerup

Stella Carstenbrock

Annalise Zywiec

Chesa Ramirez

Bella Engrav

Amelia Albert

Ashlyn Pignato

Oliva Lee

Harper Seerup

Ella Boothe

Evie Kerttula

10U Fall ball team 1
Head Coach:

Andrew Darsow

Paige Sherry

Mackenzie Darsow

Kaci Lasovich

Lucy Kleoppel

Libby Kerttula

Katelyn Norgaard

Hailey Hanson

Addison Corkish

Natalie Peters

Claire Wilson

10U Fall Ball Team 2
Head Coach:

Bridgitt Looney

Bella Capra

Clara Gardner

Madelyn DeStasio

Myla Looney

Chloe Newhouse

Malayla Ramirez

Amelia Jansen

McKenna Germain

Ashlynn Bartels

Macee Horn

Maci Pavlak

Arizella Suchner

10U Fall ball Team 3
Head coach:
Kari Jasper

Kacie Mailand

Emily Steffen

Jessa Dana

Julia Joslin

Madelyn Youngquist

Tatum Jasper

Addison Jasper

Kennedy Brink

Cora Jahner

Izzy Tennis

Sophia Gail

12U Fall Ball team 1

Head Coach:

Andrew Moerke

Callie Oakland

Lauren Osland

Peyton Moerke

Nora Steffen

Sonja Lind

Hayley Dicks

Ava Johnson

Alivia Brink

Haley Lasovich

Keira Brennan


12U Fall Ball team 2
Head Coach: 
Allyson Youngquist

Lauryn Mulgrew

Ava Youngquist

Addison Ratts

Sara Methner

Abigail Bisman

Olivia Karnitz

Makenna Rasmussen

Chloe Lee

Madelyn Horton

Lydia Donovan

12U Fall Ball Team 3
Head coach:
Shawn Seerup

Madelyn Boothe

Stella Fritsche

Hannah Seerup

Bailey Ledman

Mariah Nasby

Noelle Chapek

Ashlyn Mullen

Olivia Plasch

Ava Turvold

14U Fall Ball Team 1
Head Coach:
Pat Leick

Finley Leick

Morgan Leick

Rebecca Etten

Kylee McDaniels

Kylee Bentson

Averie Kurtzbein

Lauren Taylor

Lauren Sigler

Alanah Davis

Aspyn Offenhauser

Laila Jacobson

Kaley Anderson

Meika Hunter

16U Fall Ball Team 1
Head coach:
Phil Albert

Emma Rosenwald

Natalie Bearth

Emilee Lovro

Alexandra Albert

Emilie Kell

Kaytlyn Martin

Nicole Bihm

Laura Kaul

Kayla Krtinich

Starla Wagner

Juliana Field

Hailee Seerup

Alexis Novak

2019 Fall Ball

CGAA Softball participates in a fall ball fastpitch league run through Minnesota Softball.  We provide an opportunity for new and veteran players to learn about the game, gain experience, and just plain have fun!  

All games are double headers and will be played on Sundays at noon and 1:30 p.m. OR 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and are 65 minutes in length.

This is fall ball; we play rain, snow or shine. Umpires and coaches will determine play at the fields. We have no time to make up games, so we will play the games if at all possible.

This is a great chance for girls that are thinking about the traveling program to experience the competition traveling softball provides without the financial and long term commitment.

Players are expected to be available for practices during the week/s prior to the season starting and to prepare for each game day.

8U & 10U games will be played on Saturday
12U - 18U games will be played on Sunday

Hurry registration closes on Friday August 9! 

Click HERE to register today!

Registration fee 8U
  • $75.00  
Registration fee 10U - 18U 
  • $125.00
All fees are per player and include the cost of a team jersey. Deadline for registration is Friday August 9th, 2019. 

*A $25.00 late fee will be applied to all registrations received after 8/9/19 11:59 p.m.
Game Dates:
8U & 10U
  • 8/24
  • 9/7
  • 9/14
  • 9/21
  • 9/28 State Tournament
12U - 18U
  • 8/25
  • 9/8
  • 9/15
  • 9/22
  • 9/29 State Tournament
If interested in coaching a fall ball team, please contact Don "Ozzie" Oswald at